About Maisy's

Maisy's Children's Parties was founded by Ann-Marie Christou. A member of the National Youth Theatre from a young age, Ann Marie completed an English and Drama Degree at the University of Surrey along with an MA in Acting at EAST 15 Acting School.

Ann-Marie has worked as a drama and dance teacher and also as a children's entertainer. Through this she has come to realise the effectiveness of drama in play so decided to form a company that would incorporate her years of experience in drama and in children's events.

"Babies and young children make learning connections in their brains faster and better in an enriched environment. Adult interactions which help support and extend their learning make a big difference to learning, as does physical activity during the session". (stages of development EYFS, Under 5s early learning online)

More than just a party, Ann-Marie believes that "with focus, commitment, sensitivity and well structured parties you can help build a child's confidence, and
therefore increase their enjoyment, something often missed by regular entertainers"

Depending on the choice of event the entertainer will encourage the children to take the lead and become part of a magical world ensuring that they have a sense of achievement at the end.

Here at Maisy's Children's Parties you will find fully trained entertainers who will help the children have confidence in themselves and in the entertainer to make the most out of their special day.

We also understand that every child is different so we will work with you to create the right party for your child.

"Children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates and all areas of learning and development are equally important and inter-connected"
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