Boys Party

This party is just for boys aged 6-11 on average and focused around team sports that will help with their team building and coordination skills. The standard times we offer are 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 120 minute parties which include a variety of activities depending on the length of the party.

* Sweets, prizes and certificates are supplied FREE of charge through Maisy's

Example Party Structure

1. Introduction - The entertainer will introduce herself while also explaining what fun things lie ahead. This allows the children time to relax and gain confidence in the entertainer while getting them into the party spirit!

2. Teams - The entertainer will then split the group up into two teams distinguishing them apart for extra fun with face paints and props. This can be discussed when booking but cowboys and Indians, cops and robbers or pirates are some of the more popular choices.

3.The Games Begin - Games included will be tug of war, treasure hunts, cat and mouse and treasure island to name but a few.

4. Well Earned Break - while they eat the entertainer will go round and make each child a balloon model.

5. One Last Game -to decide the final champions.

6. Finishing Off - A final altogether happy birthday song with the birthday boy in the middle.
Boys Party