Classic Children's Party

A classic party structure can suit either boy or girl aged between 3-8 years approximately. The standard times we offer are 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 120 minute parties and include a variety of activities.

Your entertainer can come dressed as a princess, pirate, clown or fairy and we can tailor the party to suit.

Sweets and prizes are supplied FREE of charge through Maisy's.

Please note: for 60 minute parties there isn't normally time for both the magic and face painting so we ask you to choose, however the entertainer will always have both in their kit just in case!

Example Party Structure

1. Warm Up & Introduction - the entertainer will introduce herself while also explaining what fun things lie ahead. This allows the children time to relax and gain confidence in the entertainer while getting them into the party spirit!

2. Music & Games - these will include old classics like pass the parcel but also fresh new ones depending on ages of the children.

3. Balloon Modeling - The entertainer will lead the children to tea and while they sit down for lunch will make each child a balloon model of their choice.

4. Interactive Magic - The entertainer will lead the children into thinking they are part of the magic show with the help of their special magician the birthday girl or boy.

5. Face Painting or Transfer Tattoos - you can have a choice depending on the length of the party.
Classic Children's Party