Girls Party - Dancing Divas

This party is just for the girls aged 6-11 years on average and focused on a dance routine that they will perform to the parents at the end of the party. You can have your choice of theme, for example High School Musical or The Glee Club.

We will give the girls a make over and teach them a dance routinethat combines memory, coordination, rhythm, and loads of energetic FUN and that they can go home with and practice again and again.

If you think your child would love this party but isn't in the age range or gender don't worry this is only a guide and we are more then happy to adapt to suit.

Example Party Structure

1. Introduction -The entertainer will introduce herself while also explaining what fun things lie ahead. This allows the children time to relax and gain confidence in the entertainer while getting them into the party spirit!

2. Dance Routine - the entertainer will then teach the children the routine ensuring the birthday girl gets a leading role.

3. Break Time - the entertainer will lead the children to a well earned break and one by one will give each child a make over ready for the final performance.

4. Final Performance - for the parents.

5. Prizes & Happy Birthday - prizes for the best dancers, certificates for everyone who took part and finally singing Happy Birthday to finish it off!
Girls Party