Tiny Tots 0-3 Years Party

This party is aimed at the 0-3 pre school years with activities and games just for them and parties can be booked from 60-90 minutes.

Play is so vital to the pre-school years and through the use of story the entertainer will lead the children into building a moving story so they can really feel involved. Becoming a butterfly, caterpillar, flower or a rainbow is an opportunity for the child to explore and build confidence and make their own choices.

Naturally depending on the ages of the children will depend on their involvement but simply engaging and focusing on the animated story is still just as important at the early stages and more importantly fun. This principle is also taken through to the interactive magic really making the children feel involved.

This is why at Maisy's Children's parties the entertainer will become involved just as much as the children to increase the level of fun and play for the party!

Exmaple Party Structure

1. Introduction - get to know the entertainer, the entertainer will introduce herself while also explaining what fun things lay ahead. This allows the children time to relax and gain confidence in the entertainer.

2. Sing Along / Story Time – the entertainer will use story with song to create a magical world they can become involved with.

3. Balloon Modeling – The entertainer will make each child a balloon animal as they watch in awe.

4. Interactive magic - The entertainer will lead the children into thinking they are part of the magic show as they meet her special friends and make something disappear.

5. Pass the Parcel - with the help of the parents.

6. Happy birthday to finish!
Tiny Tots 0-3 Years Party